Universitat de Barcelona (UB)

Universitat de Barcelona (UB) was founded in 1450. Today it boasts of a student body of 88.335 and a research staff of 5.696 members. Degrees are offered in 74 different areas of teaching with numerous postgraduate and doctorate programs as well as
continuing education courses. Universitat de Barcelona (UB), ranked the first Spanish university, and the twenty third European institution in scientific quality and productivity, is the largest of the six universities of Barcelona and of the ten in Catalonia and manages an average of 150 European projects per year. UB has coordinated several Research and Training Projects in previous Framework Programmes, being one of the Spanish leading
institutions. During FP7 UB was involved in 59 MSCA Grants. UB is involved in several MSCA projects, networks and individual grants in the H2020. UB has also been awarded with several Horizon 2020 projects such as ERC, Societal Challenges or Industrial
Leadership projects.
The Institute of Neurosciences is a frontrunner in international neuroscience research, being one of the few institutes in the world that investigates the brain at every level. This includes research groups in neurobiology, neuropharmacology, pathophysiology,
neurology, psychiatry, clinical psychology, neuropsycobiology and cognitive neurosciences. The Institute has been awarded with the María de Maeztu Excellence Unit accreditation, and gathers about 450 researchers from the Faculties of Psychology, Medicine, Pharmacy and Biology. We encourage and welcome collaboration with international research groups and organisations to boost the global vision of the Institute.