EPSN will test and demonstrate new methodological approaches to bring researchers closer to the public through an innovative language based on the performing arts and new language tools for researchers:

i) training to equip researchers with new tools to deal with scientific communication;

ii) the realization of artistic co-creation based on the work of researchers to show the diversity of science and its impact on the daily lives of citizens, and

iii) a round table –performaforum– after the performance experience to promote open science and help stimulate interest in research careers.

Creating multi-leveled, mutual understandings between researchers and civil society the European Performing Science Night focuses on the following key aspects:

  1. Accessing new audiences: a) those not originally interested in science by way of a new language and engaging experiences, b) those not originally interested in communicating research results to the general public by way of breaking down stereotypes and promoting new kinds of engagement, c) including vulnerable groups such as the aged, people with disabilities. Focusing on youth and children.
  2. Enabling a new and natural space for creative play and interaction between scientists and civil society (science out of the lab) using a common language (art and emotions);
  3. Creating and presenting emotional and interactive experiences with and about science to increase the potential impact and empathy to science and scientists from the audience (and vice versa); breaking stereotypes and scepticism.
  4. Empowering civil society to perform science and be an active part in the scientific research process towards a meaningful and seamless end-to-end workflow: Civil society as sensors, not as citizen journalists, via: experimentation for new understandings.