Workshop #1

A Creative Co-creation Workshop (CCW) is a disruptive methodology towards establishing real and horizontal cooperation dynamics between art, science and technology. A CCW is designed as the catalyser for the creation of the appropriate sandbox for cross-disciplines research and innovation. The EPSN methodology is tailored from EPICA’s own developed concept, thanks to the knowledge gathered during more than 40 years of experience in La Fura dels Baus, as a world-wide recognized performing arts company. The ambition is to trigger synergies between Art, Science and Technology towards disruptive creativity and engagement. 

The first phase of the CCW is based on establishing an effective collaboration ecosystem (or sandbox) where horizontal interaction and collaboration can take place, at the same time that individual and collective challenges coming from all different disciplines participating in the project are detected and defined, as one of the main contributions to the second phase.

During this phase the different research groups involved in the project will define their challenges and will share them with the other research groups trying to foster the cross-disciplines research.