Interactive EU Corner Experience

The whole EPSN experience (on-line and off-line) will take advantage of the Kalliópè. Kalliópê is a key element during the performance and performaforum, as it let us to on one hand to have real time multiple second narrative (we can send general messages to the overall audience or by groups of interest) that enable us, not only to offer personalized and live accessibility services such as subtitlling, audio-description, but also to complete the experience but also to create segmented group of people where to validate the different reactions according to the information they are receiving at any moment, and on the other hand it give us the opportunity to gather real time and contextualized feedback and interactions from the audience. In a nutshell kalliope is a really good tool for engaging and interacting with the audience in both physical and digital environments.

However, and as validated in our previous experiences, in order to maximize the experience and the use of the application between the audience, it is highly recommended to do a first experience before the event starts, what we call “warm up” to be done during the waiting time, just before the event starts.

During this warm-up exercise, people start downloading the application, enter into the EPSN channel and start receiving the first messages (text, audios, videos, quizzes, polls…) in order to get used to the application and its behaviour.

This first connection with the audience is also used to contextualize the experience. For the EPSN, the warm-up will take place in the EU-Corner, a dedicated space located in the main entrance of the building, a >200 m2 open space. Another space inside the building in the main entrance, will also be available if the weather conditions does not allow us to do it outside.

The content for this first interaction will be centred around EU funding science, education cooperation within Europe and beyond, all from a playful perspective, merging information with quizzes, challenges for the audience to find and discover. The use of this space as part of the overall experience, will maximize the impact of the corner in the physical and digital experiences at the same time that give us the opportunity to contextualize the performance and train the audience in the use of our digital platform.