Main event

The event will take place on 24th September in three different times according to the intended audience: 

1.- Family – matinee   

2.- Secondary Schools – afternoon    

3.- All – evening.

Each event will have three stages:
a) Interactive EU Corner Experience,
b) performance and 
c) performaforum.
  1. Interactive EU Corner Experience  Duration: 15-20 min.

The whole EPSN experience (on-line and off-line) will take advantage of the Kalliópè, a massive communication tool, developed in collaboration with EPICA that allows you to send all kinds of multimedia contents to your audience. Kalliópê is composed of software available and a mobile application to send and personalize multimedia messages – audio, video, image, text, web pages – to any device with an Internet connection – smartphone, speakers, screens, computers, sensors.

The content for this first interaction will be centred around EU funding science, education cooperation within Europe and beyond, all from a playful perspective, merging information with quizzes, challenges for the audience to find and discover. The use of this space as part of the overall experience, will maximize the impact of the corner in the physical and digital experiences at the same time that give us the opportunity to contextualize the performance and train the audience in the use of our digital platform.

2. Performance  Duration: 60-90 minutes

EPSN proposes the use of the Performing Arts as a transversal language. Performing Arts and specially the proposed methodology are idoneus for creating fake and immersive experiences perceived as “nearly real” for the audience. These proposed fake experiences have three main advantages: i) they become a risk free and iterable sandbox for experimentation, really valuable for the researchers for validating their theories, techniques and/or technologies; ii) they become a friendly space for civil society to get closer to science and scientists and, iii) the proper language for scientific knowledge transfer and impact in civil society.

3. Performaforum – Duration: 45 minutes – 1 hour

The performaforum will take place after the performance. The performaforum is a space for an open debate on the results presented during the performance and on the creative process, in which the audience participates actively. The format of the debate will be a round table in which scientists will participate to explain their experiments to the audience and resolve their doubts.

In this sense, the performaforum allows Responsible Research and Innovation, a key action of the objective ‘Science with and for Society’. As demonstrated in previous experiences, performaforum is essential to promote the real transfer of knowledge to civil society and the open science action after its active participation in the performance as a hands-on experiment. 

The performaforum generates a space for neutral and equitable debate between researchers and the audience, in which the audience can easily associate the actions carried out during the performance with the concepts and disciplines dealt with during the show.